•   Overall Facility Project Objectives

    §Work together with  school districts to identify work that needs to be done at existing facilities, to address major maintenance items (roofs; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; finishes; etc.), and to support current programs and enrollment.
    §Secure input from district personnel by means of a survey to elicit detailed information on the general conditions at each facility.  Two questionnaires will be completed for each building/site – one by the principal and/or senior staff at each facility and one by the district’s maintenance personnel.
    §Tour each site and building with its principal/senior staff to see and discuss conditions identified in the questionnaires and plans.
    §Evaluate all existing educational facilities with recommendations for best long-term use of buildings using a rating instrument for each facility that examines the school site, structural, mechanical, plant maintainability, building safety and security, educational adequacy, and environment for education. 
    §Provide a capacity and utilization analysis of all district education facilities. 
    §Produce a report to be used by the school district in planning with a Community Facilities Planning Committee for a future bond election.