• CQL Master Planning Services

    A Master Plan is a comprehensive plan to guide all aspects of an organization.  This plan is a living document that balances and harmonizes all elements of the enterprise.  Successful plans embody a vision of where the leaders want to take the organization, a mission statement of how the journey will be accomplished and defining values as to why the journey should be taken.  For schools there are five major strategy areas, each needing consideration and goals set in all five areas for a balanced approach.
    The Five Areas:
    1.  What you produce: Instructional programs
    2.  Who you produces it: Organization and Management (Human Resources)
    3.  Who uses it: Service and Market (Students, parents, taxpayers, government, business, others)
    4.  Discovery and Innovation: Research and Development (keeping up with rapidly changing conditions)
    5.  How to pay for it: Facilities and Finance