•  CQL Vision Statement

    To Answer the call for "Leadership Excellence" by demonstrating "Executive Stewardship"  for achievement and excellence.
    CQL Mission Statement
    To provide strategic quality processes and practices for delivering organizational results.
    Core Values

    Training,  Development, Education, Thinking, Exercising Wisdom, Understanding Responsibility and Accountability, Stewardship, Leadership, Self-Discipline, Mental Toughness, Will Power, Teamwork, Quality, and Continuous Improvement.

    The Center for Quality Leadership Inc. (CQL) is an education consulting firm that was formed in 1997. The firm has engaged in a broad range of services for educational entities including Telemedicine/Telehealth Consulting Services Provider (TCSP), management and performance reviews, organizational studies, facility and demographic studies, strategic planning services, and program design/delivery services and professional development training.  The firm has worked with school districts across the nation including Florida, Illinois, Texas, and California with student enrollment of 110 to 200,000. Clients served include not only educational entities, but also private companies, health care providers, physicians, medical delivery systems, hospitals, law firms, charter schools, private schools, and associations. CQL also works with boards of education to formulate school district policy, develop and implement strategic plans, and oversee day-to-day school district administration and operations. The Center for Quality Leadership is committed to assisting school district administrators with the planning required to focus available resources on improving student achievement and administrative leadership and management of school operations.