• What is Quality Leadership?

    • Leadership that engages "Executive Stewardship" is quality leadership. Executives contribute to the performance of the organization, while stewards manage another’s property or other affairs.
    • What is Executive Stewardship?

    • Leading and managing effectively.
    • What really is the difference in leadership and management?

    • Executive stewardship suggests a dichotomy of the leadership/ management functions. This same dichotomy also exists in the respective functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left side is responsible for the concrete sequential and logical functions of the brain whereas the right side is responsible for the sensitive, intuitive functions.
    • Can one person do both?

    • Everyone is endowed with the ability to use both hemispheres of the brain, even though some are more comfortable using one hemisphere more frequently. "Executive Stewardship" is a whole-brain activity. The left side of the brain is dominant in the management function because management is a function imposed on things, such as the procedural knowledge of finance.

      On the other hand, the right side of the brain dominates when the leadership function engages because leadership involves people, not things. Without sensitivity, one cannot be an effective consensus builder. Team building activities, motivational and inspirational activities and judgments of fairness and equity are important leadership skills and they occur when one engages the right hemisphere of their brain.
    • How can I learn more about leading and managing effectively?

    • Dr. Hooper has written extensively about this in the book Leadership Defined, a collection of leadership essays. For information about how to get a copy of this book contact us directly.