• Leadership Development


    In the book Leadership Defined, Dr. Hooper  details the concept of Executive Stewardship and the dichotomy that exists between leaders and managers.  Both skill sets are important.  Leaders are made and not born.  To be a leader of good consequence, one must be a person of integrity.  That starts with value systems that are determined, strengthened, and fortified with skill sets. 
    The work of a leader, besides being influential to other people, is to build a system for success.  To assist in the development of those skills that are required, CQL has identified seven management planning tools, seven statistical process tools, and seven creative thinking tools.  Together, this collections of skills equips leaders to be able to change, to adapt, to expand, and ensure that their organizations are vital to those depending upon them.  A leader exudes a "come with me if you want to _______________!" attitude and influence.  CQL works with its clients to develop and sustain strong leaders.