• Bond Election Strategies

    Bond and tax referendums are required to authorize a governing body such as a school board to levy taxes to pay for school buildings and programs.  The election does not automatically raise taxes but enables bonds to be sold to pay for buildings and other capital outlay.  In simplest terms, school bonds are like home mortgages.  Lenders give money to institutions for the purposes of constructing and equipping school facilities.  The money is repaid over time and taxes are annually levied to make those payments.

    Much preparation work is required to be able to offer the voting public a solid reason to support a bond issue.
    A bond election should be approached as a campaign because it involves the voting public.  The Center for Quality Leadership (CQL) has extensive experience in assisting schools with conducting the proper advance work.  There are four major considerations of preliminary work required.  CQL refers to them as the Core Four prerequisites and works with schools to do the necessary preparation for a successful campaign.  Additionally, CQL provides campaign services for winning the election.
    The Core Four:
    1.  Demographic Study
    2.  Facility Utilization Study
    3.  Facility Condition Assessment
    4.  Financial Analysis for fiscal capacity of the district to repay the debt.