• What is Quality Commissioning Process Services (QCxP)?

    A Quality Commissioning Process (QCxP) is the owner's process for effective delivery of projects whether they be construction projects or program implementation projects such as training and development or instruction programs. This process formally attempts to identify everyone's needs and develops a plan on how to achieve a quality project, reduce cost, and verify all activities during all phases of the project.  In the case of a building this means using QCxP for  pre-design through occupancy - including life cycle of the building.  In the case of program implementation it means: identification of need to be addressed, identification of programs or products to address the need, examination of cost, test of affordability, implementation, program evaluation, life cycle use of the program or product.

    The Commissioning Process
    • Owner's best practice
    • Provides benefits to all size and complexity of projects
    • Ideal for implementing new concepts
    • Identifies the owners project requirements
    • Establishes a Commissioning Authority (CxA)
    • Establishes a commissioning team to develop the Commissioning Plan (CxP)
    • Develops effective checklists, verification using statistical process tools, issues concise reports, develops effective systems manuals, and ensures on-going training for cost effective implementation.